We acknowledge that the successful operation and long-term sustainability of our business relies on the support of the communities in which we work, and a ‘social licence’ to operate in the West Kimberley.

By living our values and vision through the life of the project, we aim to make a positive difference and benefit Traditional Owners and our local communities in and around Broome and Derby.

Approach & Principles
We are committed to building and maintaining enduring, meaningful relationships with Traditional Owners, local communities and other stakeholders to together build prosperity in the Kimberley and beyond, based on open and honest communication.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Ensure early and continuous engagement with local communities, Traditional Owner groups, key local business, industry and government stakeholders to communicate project progress and identify, assess and manage issues, and facilitate collaborative mitigation.
  • Ensure all employees and contractors recognise and respect the value of cultural heritage and our diverse workplace and communities.
  • Approach and resolve community issues in a consistent manner to ensure fair and equitable resolutions are achieved.
  • Provide employment opportunities and career pathways for the Traditional Owners, Broome and Derby residents.
  • Maximise local business opportunities that deliver lasting social and economic benefits to the West Kimberley community, particularly Traditional Owner groups.
  • Actively seek opportunities for collaborative community partnerships that foster shared values and local benefits

For more information, please call our Community Team on 1300 336725 or by email at