Road Safety

Thanks to a collaboration with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, our 'Don't Muck with a Truck' campaign has tips to help keep everyone safe when encountering road trains in the Kimberley, whether you're driving around town or out on the highway. You can download our flyer with all the tips here.

If you have any enquiries or would like more information, please get in touch with our Community team at or 1300 336725 option 2.

Tip 1
Don’t drive past, overtake or undertake a turning road train!

Turning: Road trains often need to take up more than one lane to turn at corners and roundabouts. This can turn into a dangerous situation if other drivers aren’t providing enough space. A truck driver might not be able to see you next to them and you could collide with a truck as it turns.

Tip 2
When pulling in front of a road train, give them 3 to 4 times more space than you would a car!

Stopping: Road trains take a lot longer to slow down and stop than cars. If truck drivers need to brake hard behind you, you may cause them to swerve, lose control or crash.

Tip 3
It can be frustrating to be “stuck” behind a truck, but being patient when overtaking could save a life! 

Overtaking: Wait for a long stretch of highway where you have a clear view ahead, then indicate and overtake quickly to reduce the time you’re in a road train’s blind spot. Only pull back in when you can see a road train’s headlights in your rear view mirror.

Tip 4
Don’t overtake or undertake a road train on a roundabout!

Roundabouts: Broome has so many roundabouts that we thought it was worth a dedicated tip! Whilst our PBS 60m quad road train trailers follow each other exceptionally well, not all trucks are the same and sometimes take up two lanes on a roundabout.

Speed Limits: Did you know our PBS 60m road trains are limited by Main Roads WA to below signposted speeds in different parts of town?

You can learn more about road safety at